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Founded in 1990 by a small group of European managers realising the need for mutual representation, AIMA has grown into a truly global organisation, with the majority of its 2,000 corporate member firms now based in over 60 countries.

The global nature of investing, trading and regulation mean AIMA's relevance today is as high as it has ever been.

AIMA's manager members collectively manage more than AU$2 trillion in hedge fund or private credit fund assets.

AIMA also has 700+ member firms represented on AIMA working groups and committees with over 200 committees and working groups and over 2000 individual participants on working groups and committees.

AIMA members can choose from over 200 conferences, seminars and webinars each year, held in the key financial hubs worldwide. Speakers include leading industry figures, policymakers and regulators. In 2020, more than 25 events were organised with over 22,000 attendees.

AIMA is a strong advocate of enhancing understanding of its value and function to students, the media and the general public. It focuses on education standards and best practices to develop industry skills. Its members have access to valuable research reports and Sound Practice Guides.

AIMA is closely aligned with global policymakers, legislators and regulatory authorities, collaborating with key governments and authorities on proposed legislation and consultation.

AIMA is a co-founder of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst designation (CAIA), the industry's first and only specialised educational standard for alternative investment specialists.

AIMA has a strong digital media presence with over 8,000 followers on Twitter and 16,000 followers on LinkedIn.

Social Responsibility

AIMA is much aware of its corporate social responsibility. It is deeply committed to playing a positive role in the global communities in which it operates; being aware that members and the broader alternative investment industry perform an important social role by managing investments for pension funds, university endowments, charitable foundations, and other socially important investors.

Diversity & Inclusion

AIMA is a strong advocate of making the alternative investment management industry more diverse and inclusive. With the help of its Global Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee and its members around the world, AIMA has produced the first-ever guide to improving diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the Alternative Management industry. AIMA is a proud signatory of the UK's Women in Finance Charter.

Carbon Neutral

AIMA is committed to doing its part to protect the environment. It has assessed its carbon footprint and offset its emissions, and is proud to be a carbon-neutral organisation.


AIMA is also a strong supporter of charitable organisations such as the Help For Children, UK of which AIMA's CEO, Jack Inglis, is the Chair.

Recruitment Process

Despite its multiple objectives and focus on education via events and valuable reports, AIMA remains a "people organisation".

Crucial to everything AIMA does are its members, its network and its staff. The voluntary work provided by all who contribute in committees and working groups, who sponsor and host events and facilitate its product offering is a priceless feature of the AIMA community.

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