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Clayton Utz

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Culture at Clayton Utz

8.9 rating for Culture, based on 26 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Fun, relaxed, social
Friendly, supportive and enthusiastic. Always willing to help out. Great socially as well
Excellent social activities, there is always an event to look forward to. Talking sport and current events around the hallways and in the kitchen is common.
The juniors all do a lot of activities and events together which is great to build a solid support network. Each team is different in terms of hierarchy- in some it's very flat, whilst others is very hierarchical.
Very hierarchical but very friendly
it speaks highly of a firm when you still want to socialise outside of work with your colleagues. There are also lunch time sporting activities on offer and even lawski where a group of us will head to Thredbo for a long weekend!
Very friendly, invited me to many out of work social activities as a team and great balance of work and fun
Traditional hierarchical law firm structure, high levels of one-on-one collaboration, less teamwork, high levels of socialising amongst colleagues of same level
Culture depends on the team that you are in (like other large firms). Mostly people are friendly, approachable and get along with others in the firm (even from different teams).
In the office: quite relaxed but hard working and collegial. Out of the office: friendly and fun.
There are numerous training opportunities, as well as social activities planned for in work hours. They have a fantastic formal mentoring program. As a law firm, it is hierarchical, however most partners and senior lawyers are extremely approachable and interested in young lawyer's growth and development. I am very pleased with the culture at our workplace.
The team I currently work for are fantastic. They are enthusiastic and always willing to help. There is little socialising outside of work but that is ok.
Corporate policies that promote diversity, flexibility, health. Work hard during the day and socialise after hours.