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Clayton Utz

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Diversity at Clayton Utz

9 rating for Diversity, based on 21 reviews
Please provide further information on diversity with respect to women, ethnic minorities and LGBT. Please comment on issues such as recruitment, retention, promotion, child care, maternity leave, etc.
An AMAZING diversity and inclusion strategy to make everyone feel welcomed and appreciated!
great dedication to flexible workplace policies, LGBTI alliance events and momentum (female workplace group)
Very strong on women in the lower ranks, needs more work in the partnership space - excellent programs around diversity but not entirely followed through in hiring
Low diversity in partnership (due to path dependence and tenure). Much greater diversity at junior levels.
Big focus on LGBTIQ, gender equality and flexible working arrangements - this is a large positive.
Great diversity policies at recruitment level and good policies/initiatives being implemented at an employment level.
There are often events on LGBTI and events. The firm makes a big effort.
Policies are excellent for women and LGBT.
What does your company do to attract applicants from less privileged backgrounds?
Scholarship opportunities for Indigenous Australians, with placement positions.
Retains details about parent's educational background and fosters recruitment on an individual merit basis.
I know they have a specific paralegal position dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander students.