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Clayton Utz

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Job Satisfaction at Clayton Utz

8.3 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 26 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
I do all sorts of tasks - drafting letters and court documents, research etc.
I do a lot of research, in particular interpreting legislation and Government documents. I have already seen the results of my work placed directly into an advice to the client.
Research, sitting in on client meetings and telephone calls, drafting emails, letters and advices
A really pleasing amount of autonomy, with a comfortable level of support
File management, legal research, drafting legal advice, searching for information
Graduate work can be dry (but this is to be expected), but there are large deals, projects and disputes that you are involved in. The work can also be interesting and challenging. More senior lawyers acknowledge when they give you something that is monotonous but has to be done.
Will typically perform a range of tasks - anything from drafting terms in a Project Agreement to reviewing an Access Agreement. Other tasks include legal research, drafting memorandums and drafting advices. Frequently expected to manage expectations and juggle multiple tasks.
I receive a variety of work from a variety of people. My responsibilities include drafting, reviewing and delivering documents.
As a junior lawyer I am responsible for, amongst other tasks, making changes to documents with minor drafting jobs, legal research and organisation of, for example, completion checklists for transactions.
At an entry level, I undertake research activities and assist the more senior members of the team in preparing documents for matters
Legal research, legal drafting