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Working Hours at Clayton Utz

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Flexible, can work from home if need to
You don't really see it at a grad level, but there are flexible working arrangements for older lawyers. The length of time spent in the office is entirely dependent on the team you are in and how busy they are.
It fluctuates. On average I work 8-8.30am until 6.30-9pm. But if I have something I have to go to after hours, my partners are more than happy for me to go usually.
Flexible but the work needs to get done, social life needs to be more flexible
Very flexible - there will always be the occasional need to work long hours. It comes with the job but on average, most of us are out by 6:30
Hours vary dramatically with fluctuating demand for work. Flexibility increases during quiet periods, and decreases during busy period.
As long as the work is getting done people do not mind how long you are in the office. There are times when the hours are long (80+ a week) but when there is no work, there is no expectation to hang around in the office.
Not very flexible - particularly as a graduate in a busy practice group.
As a graduate there is less flexibility. But I am currently working around 9-6 which seems fine
The company is fairly flexible with hours, as long as you are getting the work done and to a high standard. They don't believe in "face time". In particular teams the hours can be very long and involve work the odd weekend, however you are ever the only person in the office and it can be quite enjoyable.