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Disability Support at Deloitte Australia

At Deloitte, we support the overall goal of creating an inclusive environment where all our people feel respected, valued and included.

With one in five Australians identifying as having a disability, we’re committed to providing the best possible experience for everyone and to keeping physical and technological accessibility and ergonomics front of mind for all our current and future staff. 

Our office workspaces offer variety, flexibility and choice in how and where you work.  

You can choose a desk with either dual, single or no monitor set up, there is a combination of work stations at seat height, standing height and height adjustable from sit-to-stand for ergonomic requirements. There are plenty of workspaces designed for more informal, shorter periods of work and are especially useful for informal meetings and quick catch-ups. You can choose to sit at a focus pod for sprint periods of uninterruptable, focused work. Alternatively, you can organise virtual team meetings in AV enabled booths, utilising the movable whiteboards to brainstorm and co-create. 


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