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HLB Mann Judd

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  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Parents & Carers at HLB Mann Judd

Work to live, not live to work

HLB advocates parental leave, support and flexibility for parents and carers. In 2022 they ran a nationwide employee survey. Their staff ‘work/life balance’ was one of the top 3 reasons why staff loved working for them.   

They offer flexible working arrangements and parental leave for staff to help balance work and family responsibilities. They also offer additional training, learning resources and counselling programs to assist parents returning to work. 

Continued flexibility and support – Story by Sarah from Sydney 

“I felt supported even before the baby arrived. My team was genuinely excited when I shared the news that I was expecting. We discussed my workload and future career goals. I was also given access to an external executive career and family coaching expert for wellbeing support.

The firm’s approach to flexible work meant that attending appointments throughout my pregnancy was stress-free.

I’m planning to take 12 months parental leave and it’s reassuring to know I have the support from HLB to focus solely on my daughter’s first year of life. In saying that, I certainly don’t feel that I’ve been forgotten about. The team stays in regular contact, and they have all met Susie.”