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Oliver Wyman Australia & New Zealand

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Disability Support at Oliver Wyman Australia & New Zealand

Oliver Wyman is a caring and empathetic firm in which support for our employees' wellbeing is a signature element of the colleague experience. We want our colleagues to feel safe bringing their whole selves to work, supported by a culture where mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing are valued and prioritized, equipped to openly discuss topics of mental health, empowered to be vocal about their needs, and comfortable accessing available help as early as possible.

Supporting and Equipping Our Colleagues to Thrive at Work

We have initiatives that enable colleagues to access the support they need when they need it. This includes mental health & wellbeing education, local wellbeing committees to raise awareness in local markets, as well as 'Recharge' days where regions / offices close down for the day to disconnect and recharge.

Health & Wellbeing Support

We know that life can be challenging, and that at times our mental health & wellbeing may be impacted as a result. That is why we have a professional counselling support service covering a wide range of issues available 24/7/365, private and confidential, free of charge, multiple languages, multiple access points.

Wellbeing Champions

Our global Wellbeing Champion network offers support to colleagues who might be struggling, by offering a supportive conversation, without judgement and with the knowledge of resources that could be helpful.