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Oliver Wyman Australia & New Zealand

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

LGBTQ+ at Oliver Wyman Australia & New Zealand

At Oliver Wyman, our ambition is to create a sense of belonging for each of our people through our words and actions. Our people networks ensure that all of our colleagues feel a sense of connection and community from day one.

PrOWd advocates for a diverse and accepting workplace where our LGBTQ+ colleagues can achieve the amazing.

Vision & Mission

Our five core values include:

  1. Engaging colleagues in GLOW initiatives to continue to foster a culture of belonging for LGBTQ+ colleagues
  2. Driving progress with measurable goals, data and metrics to retain and grow the LGBTQ+ community at Oliver Wyman
  3. Retaining LGBTQ+ talent and encouraging LGBTQ+ colleagues to bring their authentic selves to work
  4. Leveraging internal and external learnings to grow relationships and influence local and global I&D conversations
  5. Continuing to make Oliver Wyman a safe place for LGBTQ+ colleagues to build authentic trusting relationships and feel safe around the globe