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Oliver Wyman Australia & New Zealand

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Parents & Carers at Oliver Wyman Australia & New Zealand

Oliver Wyman is committed to helping our parents and caregivers thrive across all aspects of their lives.

– Our Boost program provides sponsorship and structured support for individuals before, during and after parental leave to ease the transition to parenthood;

– Our Reintergr8 program provides 1 paid day off per week for the first 8 weeks after returning from parental leave;

– And our Family Life at Oliver Wyman Employee Resource Group enables parents and caregivers to support and educate peers and colleagues on related topics, build community and drive improvements at the many intersections of work and family life.

Oliver Wyman Australia is proud to be recognised as a Family Inclusive Workplace™ in 2022. The Family Inclusive Workplace certification recognises an employer that has achieved the National Work + Family Standards Certification and is working towards achievement of the additional standards to enable a family-friendly workplace culture.