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John Martinez

6.00 AM

Wake up after snoozing my alarm a few times and begin the morning ritual

8.00 AM

Arrive for another day in the office! After setting myself up at my desk, the first thing I’ll do is make sure I’m up to date on my emails. After emails I’ll usually do some reading – this can be anything from news articles to blog posts to presentation packs I need to get across.


8.45 AM

Start planning my day

9.30 AM

My first meeting of the day is a project update meeting – most of my work during this rotation is project-based, so this is a regular catch up where I can discuss progress, contingencies and potential blockers with the relevant stakeholders


10.00 AM

I have some time to myself to work on my tasks

11.00 AM

I have organised a monthly catch up with my business sponsor to give an update on my progress in my current graduate rotation, ask questions, and stay up to date on opportunities arising in other teams for upcoming rotations.


12.00 PM


1.00 PM

I usually dedicate half an hour after lunch to planning out my afternoon and answering emails that have come through over the course of the morning

1.30 PM

Back to work on my projects and their tasks

3.00 PM

Every fortnight I catch up with another Melbourne based graduate for a coffee – it’s a good chance for us to catch up on each other’s experience in our different teams and bounce ideas off each other.


5.00 PM

All done for the day! I’ll finish any remaining bits and pieces before making my way home

6.00 PM

I like to keep active so I’ll usually squeeze in some exercise before dinner, which can be anything from playing mixed netball to five-a-side soccer to hitting the gym

7.30 PM

By this time I’ll be home, having some dinner and winding down after a busy day

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