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Matthew Larkin

6:40 AM

First buzz of the alarm clock. Get up, get changed into gym gear. Walk upstairs to the fridge to grab breakfast and lunch I packed the night before. Walk out the door and head to the train station. 

7:15 AM

Arrive at work, head straight to TAL’s onsite gym. Roll the back out and then get straight into the day’s program.

TAL Australia Matthew Larkin working out in their on-site gym

8:15 AM

Hit the showers and get into corporate get-up for the workday ahead. 

8:30 AM

Set up my work desk for the day. I like to mix it up and sit at different desks depending who I am working closely with at the time. Today I’m taking the window seat to soak up some afternoon sunrays. Grab breakfast out of my bag and start eating with a cup of tea. 

TAL Australia Matthew Larkin setting up his work desk for the day

8:40 AM

Browse the AFR while finishing up breakfast. 

8:50 AM

Open calendar and review upcoming meetings and tasks for the day (I plan a week in advance for to-do’s). Today is a busy one. Quickly check the status of my travel booking. Heading to Melbourne next week for some call listening. 

TAL Australia Matthew Larkin reviewing upcoming meetings and tasks for the day

9:00 AM

First of many meetings to come in the day. Today I’ll be meeting about the call centre support strategy for a new product launch, the accounting treatment of the new product, our distribution strategy, and will be finalizing the customer value proposition. 

12:30 PM

After a morning of back-to-back meetings, I have 30 minutes to get some lunch. I eat this in the staff café and catch up with some friends from previous rotations. 

1:00 PM

Desk time to capture actions from the morning meeting, and review some process flows I started earlier in the week. 

3:00 PM

Meet with marketing and brand to finalize customer value proposition. 

TAL Australia Matthew Larkin meeting with marketing and brand team

4:00 PM

Go to the staff café and pick up an ice-cream – the TAL social club regularly puts on events, and always has lots of food. Catch-up with colleagues I haven’t seen in a while. 

4:20 PM

Back to the desk to get ready for my last meeting for the day.

4:30 PM

Meet with the distribution strategy team to update on progress of product training. 

TAL Australia Matthew Larkin meeting with the distribution team

5:30 PM

Back to desk to take stock of what was achieved in the day, and what is coming up. 

6:00 PM

Tonight we’ve got Innovation Society drinks in the city. Pack-up and meet colleagues in the lobby to head to the drinks. 

8:00 PM

Train home. Shower, pack breakfast and lunch. Chill on the lounge and chat with my housemates.

9:30 PM

Head to bed – ideally read a book, but often get trapped on the Instagram vortex before clocking off the night. Catch zzzzz and start the whole process again the next day.