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TAL Australia

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Sarah Khoo

06.30 AM

Wake up – change and get ready for the day

08.00 AM

Arrive at work!

TAL Australia Sarah Khoo arriving at the office

After picking out a desk for the day, I start by clearing some emails and begin identifying my 1 or 2 key goals for the day ahead.  

08.45 AM

I head up to the staff café on Level 16 for coffees, chats, and to read the newspaper

TAL Australia Sarah Khoo reading newspaper

09.15 AM

Prepare for the day’s meetings

09.30 AM

Project update meeting to hear about how the team are progressing with each of their streams. These meetings give us an opportunity to share our findings, discuss with each other how best to proceed, and help each other share the work so the project runs smoothly. 

TAL Australia Sarah Khoo product update meeting

10.00 AM

Work on completing my tasks – throughout the day my team and I will chat about matters as and when they pop up. 

12.00 PM

Time to play basketball with the TAL, after which I have lunch with some of the other grads. 

1.30 PM

After lunch I check on my emails, often there will be questions from other teams about our products that I need to answer. A great deal of coordination is needed when launching new products/new product versions to make sure everyone is aware of what is happening, this way we ensure the best outcome for our customers and any problems are quickly resolved. 

TAL Australia Sarah Khoo checking emails

3.30 PM

Mid-afternoon break between work – I go and get some fresh air or a coffee from a nearby café helps clear my head, especially if I’m stuck on a piece of work. 

4.00 PM

At the end of the day I head to a problem solving session – my colleagues and I often get together to brainstorm various scenarios to future proof our work and get rid of any problems before they can emerge.

TAL Australia Sarah Khoo problem solving session

5.30 PM

Before heading home I put in some study time for my upcoming actuarial exams

TAL Australia Sarah Khoo studying for the upcoming actuarial exam

7.00 PM

I head home to cook dinner (to the best of my abilities), eat and shower

9.00 PM

Relax and head to bed.