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Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours)

  • Bachelor (Honours)

The Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours) is designed to deliver a thorough understanding of the complex concepts facing organisations today whilst allowing customisation toward the business skill of your choice.

Key details

Degree Type
Bachelor (Honours)
4 years full-time, 8 years part-time
Course Code
1633, 0101266
Study Mode
In person, Online
Domestic Fees
$30,500 per year / $122,000 total
International Fees
$30,500 per year / $122,000 total

About this course

The Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours) is designed to deliver a thorough understanding of the complex concepts facing organisations today whilst allowing customisation toward the business skill of your choice. This new degree takes you through a unique skill set that will give you a competitive edge in the employment market. You'll be equipped with the skills necessary to plan and conduct research in business and government, and will be well-placed for positions in the private, not-for-profit, and public sectors. Delivered using the latest innovations in learning, your courses/subjects will be integrated with first-hand work experiences and organisational simulations, so you'll apply the latest academic learning in workplace environments.

This degree is designed to allow students from all business disciplines to commence in the same foundation year and then specialise in the business application of your choice. So, whether you want to be an accountant, an advertising executive, an international business consultant or an entrepreneur; all you need to do is enrol and customise as you go. In your third and fourth year, you will choose a thesis which will further develop and demonstrate your proficiency and application in your chosen area. You can also apply to take an internship or study overseas as part of your thesis, helping you graduate with advanced skills that will ensure you stand out in the employment market.

Offered through the Griffith Business School which is ranked in the top 200 worldwide by the prestigious Academic Rankings of World Universities, this degree can also provide a pathway to a Higher Degree Research (for example, PhD) and a career in academia.

Discover your passion
You'll complete six discovery courses/subjects that are based in the core skills critical to successful business operations (including analysis, accounting, economics, management, organisational psychology, marketing, international business) and apply them across a range of interdisciplinary and authentic activities. The discovery year is designed to simulate practical environments across a variety of commercial applications so that you learn to apply theory in practice to the trends and challenges of today's environment. They will help you discover your strengths, choose your majors and hone your skills in your discipline of choice. More importantly, you will start to investigate the purpose that drives you and brings meaning and motivation to drive your career. Plus, when you graduate, you'll stand out in the job market because you'll be able to apply the skills gained in your major across a wide range of business simulations. You'll also add two courses/subjects from another area of study like science or the arts. This is your opportunity to embrace your passion or discover a new one. You'll graduate with extra skills which set you apart in the work place; and a thorough understanding of the links that business draws between all industries.

Customisation and professional outcomes
In your second year, you can choose from 20 Business majors, and from 4 Language majors. After you have completed your first year, you can move seamlessly into and between majors and languages. You don't need to select your major until your second year of study.

Transformational international opportunities, with hands-on learning
You will have the opportunity to choose local or overseas study, competitions and internships as part of your degree. You can apply with one of our partners or receive support to find your own. Griffith Business School supports all students with the opportunity for experiences that transform the way you think and help uncover the passion which drives your work. You can apply for both academic credit toward your degree and for financial assistance with academic support just a call or email away. This degree culminates in an integrative learning experience where you will use the knowledge accumulated through your studies to address an authentic business problem.

Explore all majors here.


Choose one major (or double your career opportunities with two majors) from:

  • Accounting (Extended)
  • Asian Business (Extended)
  • Asian Engagement
  • Behavioural Science
  • Business Analytics
  • Economics
  • Employment Relations
  • Event Management
  • Finance
  • Financial Planning (Extended)
  • Government and International Relations
  • Human Resource Management
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • International Business (Extended)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate and Property Development
  • Sport Management
  • Sustainable Business
  • Taxation
  • Tourism Management

Add a Language major to your degree (so you can globalise your career options) from:

  • Chinese
  • French (Cross-Inst Study - UQ St Lucia)
  • German (Cross-Inst Study - UQ St Lucia)
  • Indonesian (Cross-Inst Study - UQ St Lucia)
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean (Cross-Inst Study - UQ St Lucia)
  • Modern-Greek (Cross-Inst Study - Flinders Uni)
  • Spanish

Flexible, fast-track or online degree
At Griffith, you can build your business studies around the lifestyle that suits you. Choose to study part-time or full-time, on campus or online, and take advantage of our advanced online learning system providing you with the flexibility and support to study anytime, anywhere.

Fast-track degree
You can fast-track your business degree and be ready for the job market sooner. You can complete this degree in two years studying on a three-trimester per year basis (four courses/subjects per trimester). Business majors that are available in fast-track mode include Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Management and Marketing.

Online degree
This degree can be completed online. Not all majors are available if you wish to study wholly online. Please refer to the list of majors above to identify which majors are available online. You can also mix your studies by selecting to study some trimesters online with others on campus.

Graduate with a head start in the job market
When you study Business at Griffith you get more than just a high-quality degree. BusinessPLUS is a program designed to give Griffith Business School students the skills and networks you need for a headstart in the workplace. You'll participate in skills-based, career management training with opportunities for internships, our mentoring program and industry engagement projects that introduce you to the business networks of your chosen profession. The program can be personalised for beginners as well as those who have more advanced skills.

Entry requirements

The University's Undergraduate Programs Admission Policy will apply.

Prior OP students: Applicants who graduated with an OP in or before 2019 can apply to Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) for an ATAR statement. For more information visit qcaa.qld.edu.au/senior/australian-tertiary-admission-rank-atar.

Study locations


Gold Coast


Career pathways

As an Honours graduate, you will be able to plan and conduct research in business and commerce and will be well-placed for positions in the private, not-for-profit and public sectors. You'll graduate with strong business networks and the authentic business knowledge to apply problem solving skills to a broad range of business environments from planning and strategy to management and specific skills like advertising, economics and accounting, depending on your customised degree.

No major option
A business degree gives you the foundation to take your career just about anywhere. You will be prepared to use your extensive business skills in a range of increasingly diverse settings including not-for-profit, government and corporate organisations.

You will be equipped for a career in a range of private, public sector or not-for-profit organisations where you could work in areas such as accounting, administration, auditing, business management, commercial and taxation law, managerial accounting, and taxation. Opportunities exist for exciting and challenging careers locally, nationally and internationally, and aren't limited to accounting firms.

Asian Business
You could find career opportunities in government, businesses with overseas profiles, international aid and other non-governmental organisations, news and media organisations, and the education industry in Asia.

Asian Studies
You will be prepared for work in government, business, travel and tourism, education, international agencies, training, and export consultancy, in Australia and overseas. You could find opportunities in foreign affairs, foreign trade, business consultancy, defence, security agencies, and media.

Behavioural Science
You could find career opportunities in government, private enterprise and not-for-profit organisations across various disciplines including marking and advertising, human services, healthcare, economics, policy development, research and evaluation of programs and services.

Business Analytics
You'll be at the forefront of tomorrow's business decisions by acquiring a 'common language' understandable by both data scientists and business management. You may find roles in analytics and strategy across the spectrum of industry; government, private sector and not for profit, as companies look to gain strategic advantage from data-led decision making.

You will be prepared for work in the banking and finance industry as an analyst or advisor, in property development or real estate; in government policy in fields such as the environment, health, education and transport; or in large mining companies analysing markets and investment opportunities. You may also find career opportunities in major international organisations such as the World Bank, the United Nations, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Asian Development Bank.

Employment Relations
You may find opportunities to work as an employment relations manager or consultant, or in roles dealing with workplace planning and policy, managerial strategy, industrial advocacy, occupational health and safety, and workplace negotiation.

Event Management
You will be well prepared for an exciting career working for event and conference organisers in the sport, tourism, marketing, media and cultural sectors as well as coordinating and managing government event portfolios.

You will be prepared for work as a financial advisor or controller, financial planner, or stockbroker. You may also find opportunities in insurance and superannuation, futures, options and foreign exchange trading.

Financial Planning
You will be equipped for a career as a financial planner, financial advisor or controller, or stockbroker. You may also find opportunities in insurance and superannuation, futures, options and foreign exchange trading.

Government and International Relations
You could find opportunities providing advice to government and business leaders, developing policy and managing programs with domestic and international organisations in areas such as economic, environmental and social policy, diplomacy, and trade relations.

Human Resource Management
You will graduate with a degree recognised by the Australian Human Resources Institute and be equipped for a career as a human resource manager or consultant. Human resource professionals work in many sectors including business management, counselling, workforce planning and policy, and recruiting and training staff for the public and private sectors and non-government organisations.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
As a graduate of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship major, you'll be able to create and develop innovative ideas that enable scale and societal impact. You will have an understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset, ways to identify or create opportunities, and the strategic and operational issues in firm creation. Create your own career by starting your own lifestyle or high-potential startup, be entrepreneurial while working in a family business or being an intrapreneur within someone's business.

International Business
You will be prepared to work with international trade and investment organisations or in the public and private sectors in management, strategic planning, research, corporate government relations, global operations and public relations.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management
You may find opportunities to work as a logistics and supply chain manager, purchasing manager, business or strategy manager, or export and import operations manager. These career opportunities exist in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Good managers are needed across all sectors and in businesses of all sizes. With this qualification, you can apply your business management knowledge to an area of personal interest and find opportunities in roles such as a business manager in human resources, strategy, planning and policy, and training and development.

You will be able to work in any industry or organisation that needs to promote its products or services, including entertainment and fashion, tourism, advertising, public relations, and business consulting. You might work as a brand manager, marketing manager, advertising account manager, market research analyst, public relations manager, or sales manager.

Real Estate and Property Development
The property sector is expanding in Australia and around the world, creating a wide range of employment opportunities in the commercial, residential and tourism sectors of the real estate and property management industries. You will be prepared for a career in property finance, development and investment, real estate agency management, project management, and marketing and promoting real estate.

Sport Management
Sport is big business. You could find opportunities in government departments, local, national and international sporting clubs and event management organisations. You may also find opportunities in sport tourism, marketing, media and athlete representation.

Sustainable Business
Increasingly, public and private sector organisations are hiring sustainability and corporate social responsibility specialists. The growing trend in consumers demanding sustainable, ethical products and services has seen businesses place sustainability and social benefits within their core values. These new business models means that leaders and managers need to know how the financial bottom line relates to other important elements of business; and how to transform traditional models to capitalise in the current environment. As this field continues to grow, you will find more and more career opportunities in a wide variety of organisations in the public and private sectors and with non-government organisations.

Tourism Management
With this qualification, you could travel the world. Tourism managers are employed by destination marketing organisations and all levels of government throughout Australia and internationally. You will be prepared for work related to major tourism infrastructure and planning projects, shaping the visitor experience in tourism destinations.

Credit for prior study or work

Griffith University grants credit and recognition of prior learning which may relate to prior formal learning or prior informal and non-formal learning. For more information, please visit the following website:

  • Credit transfer

Griffith's innovative Credit Precedent Database allows you to find out what credit decisions have been made in the past. These precedents will give you an idea of what you can expect.

  • View credit precedents for this program

How to apply

Selection for admission to an undergraduate degree is made on the basis of academic merit.

Selection for admission is competitive as the number of applicants generally exceeds the places available. The minimum requirement for eligibility for admission is completion of Year 12 of secondary school or equivalent academic achievement.

Prerequisites for admission may be specified in terms of levels of achievement in particular Year 12 subjects. Prerequisite conditions may be satisfied by other study or experience which is considered to be equivalent to the Year 12 prerequisites. More information is available on the Prerequisites and Assumed Knowledge website.

Further information for Queensland students completing an ATAR can be found here.

Domestic applicants should apply for admission through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).

Domestic applicants from NSW and ACT should apply for admission through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

A summary of the student profile for this program can be found on the QTAC website for Gold Coast | Nathan | Online. The Rank profile is located on the Student Profile tab.

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